About Quick Response

About Quick Response

Quick Response is a family-operated restoration company committed to industry best practices and continuous restoration training for our professional technicians. Since its 1994 founding by CEO Vince Laurenzo, the Quick Response team has been led by experienced and knowledgeable management supported by a top-notch, continuously-trained and dedicated restoration team.

Quick Response is a customer-driven business, and that is why our family is prepared to help yours 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. We’re the largest restoration company in the Capital District because we’re committed to getting you back to normal fast.

Our Culture and Core Values

We understand how chaotic and difficult the mitigation and restoration process can be, and our goal is to minimize our customer’s stress throughout the lifecycle of the project. We want to shorten the downtime of your business or the time away from your home.

At Quick Response, our job is getting you back to normal, FASTER.

We are committed to our customer-driven approach that focuses on minimizing the stress of the customer throughout the project. Quick Response’s team is committed to five core values that affect every aspect of our business:


When we offer you restoration services, we aim to truly restore your building to its original condition, and we settle for no less than the best work.


We want to minimize the damage at your property. It is imperative that we response to each job immediately, prepared to do our job.


Our family-based environment holds employees to the highest standard, requiring continuous training, accountability and quality management of our work.


Involvement in volunteer efforts, environmentally green policies and a focus on safety and ethical behavior reflect our dedication to the local community.


We ensure resources are devoted to the continuous development of top-level employees prepared to handle every restoration situation and deliver high quality results.

Quick Response’s Project Management

The hours immediately following a disaster can be chaotic. Our project managers command the chaos of your claims process by working directly with you and your insurance adjuster throughout the restoration recovery process. We’ll handle each individual project with custom planning, mapping and execution to fit your needs. To limit the damage to your property that can occur in the first few hours of a disaster, it is critical that you contact us immediately to have one of our on-call certified restoration technicians respond. Our technicians will work with our project managers and directors to get your damages dealt with swiftly.

Our Commercial Emergency Services

Damages caused by natural or manmade disasters are often inevitable. At Quick Response, your business is our business, and we understand how important your customer service and bottom line are to you. Choosing to partner with the correct restoration company is a critical step in getting your doors open again. The Quick Response business model gets your disaster recovery process moving quickly, getting you back in business, FASTER.

Our Residential Emergency Services

Fire, smoke, water and sewage can leave your home a mess, causing you to have to relocate away from the comforts of your possessions and neighborhood. Our project managers and technicians will immediately set out to get you back into your home, working with you and your insurance adjuster to restore your house to its previous condition.

When a disaster strikes, call Quick Response.


At Quick Response, we minimize the chaos property owners experience after a disaster by providing comprehensive and well-coordinated cleaning, restoration, and reconstruction services. Our business grows as our satisfied customers and insurance contacts recommend our services to those in need.
- Vincent Laurenzo
President, Quick Response

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