Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

Fire damage, smoke damage and furnace puff backs can cover your property with a black film known as soot and leave offensive odors. When your property is struck with an emergency involving fire and smoke, Quick Response offers a convenient and comprehensive restoration service. We’ll address both the immediate structural damage and subsequent reconstruction requirements.

Attempting to clean your property yourself can often result in further damage. Our certified restoration technicians have the training and skills needed to clean and restore many of the belongings within the structure, preventing the need for replacement. If you’ve experiencing a fire at your property, call Quick Response as soon as possible. Our technicians will respond immediately to assess the damage of your property.

After the Fire

When working with Quick Response after fire and smoke damage occurs at your property, you can expect the following procedures to occur:

  1. Quick Response’s immediate emergency response, assessment of damage and scope development
  2. The containment of the affected area by certified restoration technicians to minimize damage
  3. The consultation and scope evaluation by project management
  4. Content restoration and pack-out
  5. Restoration and reconstruction
  6. The returning of clean contents followed by a final walk through with your project manager

From the start of our work to the final walkthrough, your Quick Response project manager will be there to guide you through the restoration recovery process, getting you back to normal, FASTER.

Have you experienced fire and smoke damage at your home or business? When disaster strikes, call Quick Response.

Fire & Smoke Damage

It is important to contact your insurance company to inform them that a loss has occurred.

Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration FAQs

The fire has been extinguished, now what do I do?

Contact Quick Response and report a claim with your insurance company immediately. It is your responsibility to begin loss mitigation, including steps to prevent the damage from worsening. Take inventory of damaged goods before discarding anything and save all receipts for money spent related to the loss.

Can I clean my own home after I have experienced fire or smoke damage/loss?

In many cases, these attempts make the damage worse. It is highly recommended you leave this process to our certified restoration technicians who will assess the damage and take the best steps toward restoring your belongings and property. However, you may take an inventory of and discard open food packages, which may have been contaminated. Keep your hands clean, as soot transferred from your hands can further damage upholstery, walls and woodwork. You may also open your windows for ventilation.

How much does it cost to repair fire and/or smoke damage and do I need an estimate prior to the work beginning?

Each fire and smoke damage restoration project is different. It is often difficult to provide an accurate estimate for work to be completed, as there are multiple variables that will determine the scope of work. Quick Response uses a computer software program that is recognized throughout the insurance industry to generate our billing. Itemized billing is prepared once the structure has been properly repaired. You or your insurance company will be billed for work completed.

Do I have a choice in the restoration company that restores my property or must I use the company my insurance provider recommends?

Often when you report a loss to your insurance company, they will recommend one of their preferred vendors. Under the law, it is your right to determine which company will perform the work in your home or business. Quick Response has the best interest of its clients in mind every time.

What should I do if fire causes broken windows or damage to my roof?

Quick Response has the capabilities to perform emergency service board-ups to secure your property and prevent further damage. If the fire has caused a power outage in your home, make sure you take an inventory of and then dispose of any items in your refrigerator. If the fire has occurred during winter months and you anticipate being without power, Quick Response can make arrangements to have a plumber winterize your home, preventing further damage that could be caused by broken water pipes.

I am unable to stay at my home while repairs are being completed. What will happen to my belongings?

Quick Response can handle this process from start to finish. First, the team will complete a “pack out” of your home, where all salvageable items are itemized and removed from the home. They will be stored at our 30,000-square-foot heated and secured warehouse, where they will be deodorized and cleaned. Your items will be stored here until you are ready to move back to your home or to another residential location.

How can I reduce fire hazards to prevent damage from happening?

There are a number of things you can do to lower your risk of fire and smoke damage. Change furnace filters and properly maintain your heating system. Furnace malfunctions can cause “puff backs” that can leave a black film of soot all over your property. Look for warning signs you may have an electrical problem: Switches and outlets that are hot Discolored cords, outlets and switch plates Repeatedly blown fuses or tripped breakers Use caution when cooking, smoking and using candles. Most fires started by any of these can be prevented.


At Quick Response, we minimize the chaos property owners experience after a disaster by providing comprehensive and well-coordinated cleaning, restoration, and reconstruction services. Our business grows as our satisfied customers and insurance contacts recommend our services to those in need.

- Vincent LaurenzoPresident, Quick Response

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